Posted by: kulanjiyil | November 4, 2011


Having late night dinners, movies, parties, and social gatherings have become trendy for many Indian youth living in North America today. Friends hang out late into irregular hours of night, some even into late mornings. Fun activities such as bowling have become ordinary things to do when friends come together. Like most Americans, now the Indian youth look forward to the weekend, and when it is finally arrived, they say, “Thank God it is Friday (TGIF)!” It is time for  the weekend fun!

In a fast phased culture like America, undeniably there is a need for us to relive our stress, to relax and to restore our mental and physical energy to function healthily. For this reason it is reasonable if young people want to have some enjoyable time and socialization opportunities. However, what is problematic is their choice of time, the late night hours.

Throughout human history night is perceived as different from day. After a day’s work people return home for rest and sleep. Night is more dangerous and unsafe than day. Evidently, modern industrialization has tremendously changed much of our times of yore, with people having to work late night hours with different shift schedules. With urbanization matters have further changed, introducing a culture of “Nightlife,” where opportunities and choices for socialization, entertainment, and dining are plenty made available. There are cities around the world that are vibrant at night as day is. Night clubs, musical symphonies, and other such amusement programs attract people, and Indian youth are not invincible to these enticements.

An increase in violent crimes, linked to Nightlife, is reported throughout America.  The current US recession escalates these violent crimes. Muggings, rape, robbery and drug related crimes are in raise everyday.  Several incidences have been reported where South Asians have become easy targets of some of these crimes. Late night road accidents and fatalities owing to drunk diving are also being reported. Tragedies have struck families in ways no human words could console their sense of loss.

People who choose Nightlife lifestyle often think that they are in control of their lives, and that no danger will lurk them. They live their life on the presumption that they are like any other ordinary American. What they don’t understand is that a lot of times Asians become easy targets of robberies and hate crimes, especially after 9/11. Asians are generally perceived to be rich and they can become targets of muggings. Most Asian youth are defenseless and helpless to fight against their assailants. When Indian youth present themselves at strange places at odd times, they are taking a risk and putting their lives at harm’s way. This risk is not worth taking.

It is a good and safe practice to come home early and to stay away from activities that go into late nights.  But when such occasions present themselves you have a choice to make. There are plenty of things you can do during the day or early evenings. Let late night engagements be an exception rather than a lifestyle. When being out at unfamiliar places and situations, be watchful at all times. When you go out tell your family where you are going and when you are expected to be back home. In these ways you would not only protect yourselves but also help avoid unnecessary worries for your loved ones waiting home, be it is your spouse or your parents.


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