About Me


I am a first generation immigrant to the United States, an educator, and a trained counselor. As a member of the leadership team of Parivar International (www.parivarinternational.org), a U.S-based non-profit Christian charitable organization that serves the Indian immigrant communities in North America, I conduct marriage enrichment seminars, parenting workshops, youth forums, and other educational workshops.

Reading, traveling, gardening, and interior decoration are some of my hobbies. I enjoy listening to both traditional and contemporary spirituals. I compose and write Christian devotionals in  Malayalam, one of the south Indian languages. Several of my songs have been translated into multiple Indian languages. My music albums are known by a common title, “kripakiranangal,” meaning, “the rays of grace.”

Through this blog I hope to inform and to engage my readers with contemporary issues and events that have relevance for all of us, giving my reflections, perspectives and critical insights on a wide-range of topics. I invite your ideas, comments and opinion.


Dr. Kulanjiyil



  1. Welcome to blogging. I am sure it would be a blessing to many.


  2. Sam,

    Thanks for your encouraging words.

    Dr. Kulanjiyil

  3. hi professor Kulanjiyil. I took a course with you last semester at College of Dupage. the course was biomedical ethics. i was just going through my folder and i found this website that i remembered you gave us on the last day of class. i read some of your blogs and they were very insightful; i enjoyed reading them. i also wanted to reply just to say hello. i enjoyed your page and your class. thanks


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